Medical Appointments & Consultations

Our full service hospital strives to provide comprehensive care for your pet’s needs. From routine health visits and vaccinations to sick or injured pets, our friendly team is happy to accommodate.

Our veterinarians love to collaborate on cases. You get the benefit of more than one opinion, and if your pet needs attention when your primary veterinarian is not on duty, you can rest assured that one of the others can quickly take their place.


After examining your pet, your Veterinarian will recommend an individualized vaccine plan based on science and risk factors. We use 3 year approved vaccinations whenever possible as we are sensitive to our client’s concerns about over-vaccination, while still focusing on protection against dangerous diseases. Vaccine titres can also be performed for those who prefer.

Lifestage Care

From brand new puppies and kittens, to adult and senior pets, we create and individualized health care plan for each life stage. Health requirements vary for each life stage and we are proud to offer services and veterinary exclusive products to cater to our patient’s individual needs.

Lab Services

We collect samples on site and use our in-house lab system to run the majority of our lab tests. Real time reporting means quick, comprehensive results for your pet to quickly assess their medical needs and start their treatment plan. Our lab is calibrated by our qualified Registered Technicians to ensure accuracy of tests. We also have access to outside pathologists to consult on challenging cases. For some tests, we use a reference lab located in Delta. Pet owners will always be contacted to discuss these results as soon as they become available.


We are so very excited about our digital radiology units – both full body and dental! Digital radiography allows for quick image development and fewer re-takes, great for both your pet and our staff! We also have access to board certified radiologists who can review your pet’s radiographs if needed. We are happy to supply a copy of your pet’s radiographs on CD for your records.


When it comes to anesthesia, we understand that many pet parents are hesitant. To minimize risk, your Veterinarian provides an individual assessment of your pet. This includes a full physical exam, possible blood-work or other tests as deemed necessary. With this information in mind, your Veterinarian designs an anesthesia protocol that is specific for your pet based on their risk assessment. All anesthesia procedures are monitored by our qualified Registered Veterinary Technicians. Their vital signs are monitored and recorded to ensure the safest anesthesia possible.


Dental hygiene is very important to your pet’s overall health. Dental disease can lead to serious problems such as heart disease, kidney disease, and pain. Your pet is anesthetized for this procedure to ensure safety and complete evaluation and cleaning. Overseen by your Veterinarian, our Registered Technicians provide comprehensive assessment and cleaning of all teeth in your pet’s mouth. We have digital dental radiography to help us assess the roots of your pet’s teeth. Often teeth can appear healthy on the surface, but the roots can be diseased and compromised, causing pain and infection. Should we find a diseased tooth, your Veterinarian will determine if it needs to be removed by taking an X-ray. Extracting diseased teeth helps to keep your pet healthy and to avoid further complications. Tooth extractions are performed by our veterinarians. We administer additional pain control and a nerve block prior to extraction to ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible during recovery.


Surgical services are provided by our experienced veterinarians in our large surgical suite. We perform many surgeries such as spays and neuters, lump removals, soft tissue and emergency surgeries. We also work closely with board certified specialist surgeons who travel to Huff Animal Hospital to perform advanced surgeries as needed.

Post Surgical Pain Management

Post surgical comfort for your pet is very important to us. Whether it is a minor or major procedure, pain management is essential to your pet’s recovery. At Huff Animal Hospital we believe in multi-modal pain control, and have many options at our disposal including injectable and oral formulations.

End of Life Care

We understand the special bond that our clients have with their pets. We will do everything we can to help you understand the options before you. We encourage quality of life assessments and welcome any questions you may have. We have helpful materials available to assist in your decision. When you’ve reached the decision to let your pet go, we will help you.


At Huff Animal Hospital, we are passionate about nutrition. We believe good nutrition is the foundation for your pet’s long and healthy life. We offer veterinary exclusive life stage formulas, as well as therapeutic and prescription diets suited to your pets’ individual needs. Our team members have completed nutritional counseling programs and would be happy to discuss your pet’s nutritional needs. We carry:

  • Royal Canin Veterinary Exclusive Formulas
  • Hill’s Prescription Diets
  • Rayne Clinical Nutrition
  • Prescription Medication

    Our hospital has a fully stocked pharmacy ready to dispense prescription medications according to your pets’ medical needs. We reach for veterinary approved drugs first as these drugs have undergone strict trials for use in veterinary medicine. The companies that manufacture these medications may also offer support and solutions in the rare case of an adverse reaction. We also work with a veterinary compounding pharmacy to specially formulate prescriptions for the hard to medicate patients. We would be happy to discuss options for your pet.

  • Supplements and Veterinary Exclusive Products
  • Osteoarthritis and Joint Care Supplements
  • Hairball remedies
  • Dental Health Products
  • Grooming Supplies
  • Flea Control Treatments